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Some Freed Boko Haram Female Captives Returning To Captivity. Economic And Social Factors Blamed

It has been known for sometime that some women abducted and held captive by Nigeria's Boko Haram terror group have returned to their captors after been freed. Even some of the Chibok school girls abducted in 2014 by the terror group, refused to return home after were freed in May 2017. This situation has been almost a paradox to many, after all the efforts made by the government of Nigeria and the world at large, geared towards freeing the women and girls. However, now some light has been shed on to why some Boko Haram female captives have been returning to their captors or refusing to leave them after been set free. Findings from an investigative study by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, presented and discussed in BBC World on July 27, 2017, suggest that the main reasons why freed Boko Haram female captives return to their captors or refuse to leave captivity are among others, economic and social factors. For instance, according to the findings, female captives married to Boko Haram leaders are often showered with expensive gifts, and subjected to powerful romance and Arabic love songs during captivity, that may suddenly vanish on return home as free persons. Also, some freed female captives may have fallen in love with their captors during captivity, hence missing them on returning home. Read more about this interesting study findings by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani _____________________________ © 2015 - 2017 Kimaryo Foundation. All Rights Reserved

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