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African Diaspora Communities: Stop Calling Electoral Commissioner A Tomato. Papua New Guinea's C

As polling in Papua New Guinea National Elections 2017 continues, a famous blogger Martyn Namorong has been issued with a court order to stop substituting the surname of the country's electoral commissioner Patilias Gamato with "Tomato"! The blogger has been tweeting and sharing alleged defamatory statements about Mr Gamato, that included calling him "Tomato" instead of Gamato. Also, the blogger allegedly shared a photoshopped image of Mr Gamato with big potato on his head! In defending his decision to seek a court order against the blogger, Mr Gamato said among other things, that he does not look like a potato! Polling in Papua New Guinea National Elections 2017, has been ongoing since June 24, 2017. Read more _____________________________ © 2015 - 2017 Kimaryo Foundation. All Rights Reserved


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