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British Daily Mail Online Brands Dar es Salaam A "Fishing Village" As Everton Lands In The City

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Africa | Occasional Debate | Sports | Cities | Tanzania July 13, 2017

As Everton with their newly signed Rooney landed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on July 13, 2017, for a pre-season visit, the British Daily Mail Online quickly reported the event, but in their own ridiculous way! They said that Everton had arrived in the fishing village of Dar es Salaam.

Africans and East Africans in particular were furious with the newspaper's reference to one of their largest and greatest cities as a fishing village. To most of them, it amounted to an unforgivable insult, and responded to the derogatory reference in big numbers in the social media. Surprisingly, however, some of them expressed their anger rather politely, saying that the Daily Mail Online did that out of Westerners´ lack of adequate understanding about the African continent! But then, a serious question arises. Is it true that the West and Daily Mail Online specifically, have inadequate knowledge about Africa, including that about Africa's great cities?

We don't think so. The West including the Daily Mail Online, do have massive knowledge about Africa. In the age of the Internet, more than enough data about Africa and its great cities like Dar es Salaam is available freely everywhere 24/7!

The reason why the British newspaper referred to Dar es Salaam, a modern African city of over 4 million inhabitants as a fishing village, is frustration! Some Western individuals, organizations, companies, and governments, including the Daily Mail Online, are staunch neo-imperialists, who may not be happy with recent socio-economic and political milestones made in Africa. Such neo-imperialists may be frustrated by the development milestones achieved in Africa, because they used to benefit in various ways, from Africa's previous socio-economic and political weaknesses. The improving socio-economic and political circumstances in Africa make attainment of neo-imperialism goals very difficult indeed! Accordingly, to the Daily Mail Online as an imperialist organization, witnessing a livable rapidly modernizing huge beautiful African city like Dar es Salaam (see photo and video) attracting a world class English Premier League club like Everton and its newly signed superstar Rooney, was a hard pill to swallow!

What do you guys out there think? Do you agree with us? Let us have a debate on this! Take a look at a recent video below, about Dar es Salaam city, to understand what we have argued above.

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