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Myth Of Aid In Africa. Honest Accounts 2017 Says Africa Loses More Than What It Receives

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Africa | Occasional Debate May 24, 2017

Honest Accounts 2017 research has revealed that Africa is losing massive amounts of its wealth than never before! The research report published on May 24, 2017, shows that while Africa currently receives $162 billion annually in aid, loans, and foreign investments, the continent at the same time loses $203 billion annually through illegal financial outflows, tax evasion by foreign companies, etc., hence an annual deficit of $41.3 billion. The report concludes that while Africa is, indeed, rich, it is, however, non-Africans outside the continent who are benefiting from its wealth. An absolutely damning report! What does Africa says about this! Is this going to be allowed to continue even after the revelations? Take a perusal at the report at:

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