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Zimbabwe Is The Second Most Developed Nation In Africa, Argues Mugabe

Speaking at the 27th World Economic Forum For Africa in Durban, South Africa, May 4, 2017, president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, said that his country was the most highly developed country in Africa after South Africa. He challenged any other African countries that were more highly developed to come forth! Mr Mugabe said that to the morning panel session at the forum, that dwelled on Fragile States, after he was asked if Zimbabwe was a fragile state. President Mugabe substantiated his stance by pointing out that Zimbabwe boasted 14 universities, and has the highest literacy rate in Africa of over 90%. He also said that Zimbabwe was blessed with more natural resources than the average country in the world. He wondered how a country with such a record of development and natural resources could be a fragile state! Could hero Mugabe be correct? The 27th World Economic Forum For Africa in Durban is been attended by over 1 000 delegates from 100 countries. It is aimed at reviewing development models from developed countries, in an attempt to build new development models that could be relevant elsewhere. Take a listen at what president Mugabe said in the video below

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