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14 Richest Native Africans And African Descendants 2021. A Ranking

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Africa | Africa's Diaspora Communities June 15, 2021

This is ranking of 14 richest native Africans and African descendants in 2021. The ranking is also presented in the video above.

The ranking is based on net worth data by Forbes magazine as of June 2021. It is organized with the richest person on the 14th place at the top while the richest person on the 1st place is at the bottom.

The ranking is therefore as thus.

14. Tyler Perry (USA), Net worth $1 billion

13. Jay Z (USA), Net worth $1 billion

12. Mo Ibrahim (UK), Net worth $1.1 billion

11. Strive Masiyiwa (Zimbabwe), Net worth $1.6 billion

10. Michael Lee Chin (Canada), Net worth $1.6 billion

9. Michael Jordan (USA), Net worth $1.6 billion

8. Kanye West (USA), Net worth $1.8 billion

7. Oprah Winfrey (USA), Net worth $2.7 billion

6. Patrice Motsepe (South Africa), Net worth $3.2 billion

5. David Steward (USA), Net worth $3.7 billion

4. Abdul Samad Rabiu (Nigeria), Net worth $4.9 billion

3. Robert F. Smith (USA), Net worth $6.0 billion

2. Mike Adenuga (Nigeria), Net worth $6.4 billion

1. Aliko Dangote (Nigeria), Net worth $11.9 billion

The ranking shows that of the 14 richest native Africans and African descendants only one is a woman, namely Oprah Winfrey. Isabel dos Santos who has been included in the list of richest native Africans and African descendants in previous years, is dropped from the list in 2021 due to issues related to legality of her wealth, brought about by her home government of Angola.


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