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Rwanda's Former Presidential Candidate Diane Rwigara Acquitted Of All Charges

Rwanda High Court on December 6, 2018 acquitted the country's former presidential candidate and opposition leader Diane Rwigara (37) of all charges against her, reported various media sources worldwide.

Ms Rwigara who challenged President Paul Kagame in the country's 2017 general elections, wa been charged for fraud and inciting insurrection. Hitherto to her acquittal, she persistently dismissed the charges as politically motivated, and castigated Rwanda judiciary as unreliable and non-independent.

The acquittal of Ms Rwigara by the high court comes after critics from various quarters worldwide called upon the government of Rwanda to drop the charges against the opposition leader. As such, the acquittal could be a result of the pressure from the critics. The acquittal may also be seen as a positive indication that the government of Rwanda is becoming more tolerant and recognizing the important role of the opposition in a multi party democracy.

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